ABA Unveils New ‘Basic Bank Training’ for Servicemembers, Military Spouses

The American Bankers Association today launched a new training initiative designed help veterans, active-duty service members and military spouses transition to careers in banking. The series — Basic Bank Training for Veterans — consists of eight self-paced online courses covering a range of topics including customer service, lending, payments and ethics, to help these individuals transition successfully to careers in the banking industry.

With an estimated 230,000 to 245,000 U.S. military members entering civilian life each year according to the U.S. Department of Defense, ABA developed this suite of courses to assist veterans with their transition and to help banks tap into a community of uniquely talented job candidates. The program is available free to banks and to qualified individuals — including active-duty military spouses — who request access on their own.

A recent article on the ABA Banking Journal website highlights the many ways banks can support military servicemembers on their families by providing financial education and job and mentorship opportunities. Meanwhile, a new bonus episode of the ABA Banking Journal Podcast features an interview with Steve Lepper of the Association of Military Banks of America. Lepper discusses the unique financial needs of service members and veterans, the employment potential of veterans and military spouses and what banks are doing to serve these populations.


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