Burgess: Banking All About ‘Service, Commitment, Support’

In his first speech as the American Bankers Association’s chairman at ABA’s Annual Convention in Chicago this morning, Texas banker Ken Burgess shared remarkable stories of bankers’ commitments to their neighbors in ways large and small. From one of his bank employees calling an elderly customer daily for a decade to check in to the response of banks large and small to hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, “as bankers, we never let our customers and our communities down.”

Burgess — who is chairman of FirstCapital Bank of Texas, Midland, Texas — urged bankers to share these stories, which he said are shaping a “steadily improving” image for the industry. “When people have a more positive perception about our industry, it has a real-world impact on our ability to shape policy. I encourage all of you to share your stories widely.”

Burgess also paid tribute to mentors in his life and career. “As leaders in our banks, we have future leaders watching what we do and learning,” he said. “They see our involvement in our communities. They see how we treat our customers and our team members. They see how we advocate for our industry. We have a responsibility to mentor and inspire them.”

“Forty years ago, I thought banking would be a good career and a great opportunity to make a difference,” he concluded. “It hasn’t let me down.”

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