OCC to Launch Central Application Tracking System

The OCC today announced that it will roll out a new Central Application Tracking System to allow the banks it regulates to draft, submit and track licensing and public welfare investment applications on Jan. 17, 2017. The system will allow OCC analysts to receive, process and manage those applications. Available through BankNet, CATS will replace existing e-Corp and CD1 Invest application tools.

The OCC will roll CATS out in three phases to facilitate the transition. Phase one, for frequent e-Corp and CD-1 Invest filers, will launch Jan. 17. Phase two, for all other filers on the existing systems, will come in spring 2017. Phase three, for all other banks, will begin in late spring. While CATS use is encouraged, banks may continue to submit paper filings.

OCC staff will notify banks about which phase they will be part of and about webinars the agency is planning to help bankers learn how to use CATS. The bulletin issued today also included information about different bank user roles in CATS.