Politico Columnist Ben White Added to Summit Lineup

ABA announced recently that Ben White, Chief Economic Correspondent and Columnist for Politico, has been added to its lineup of keynote speakers for the upcoming Government Relations Summit, held March 14-16 in Washington, D.C. White will share nonpartisan, behind-the-scenes political intelligence on what’s going on at the intersection of Washington and Wall Street.

Other notable speakers at the summit include Charlie Cook, renowned political analyst and publisher of the Cook Political Report and Stuart Rothenberg, founding editor and publisher of the Rothenberg & Gonzales Political Report.

Bank employees and directors are encouraged to attend the largest gathering of banking industry leaders in the nation’s capital. As ABA seeks to increase the banking industry’s political muscularity in Washington, it is calling on all bankers to increase their advocacy efforts and help lawmakers and candidates for elected office understand the roles banks play in economic growth and job creation. Bankers who attend the Summit will gain fresh insights and valuable information that they can share with their institutions and use to encourage colleagues to participate in these efforts throughout the year.


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