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A group of 13 Republicans on the Senate Banking Committee today urged the federal banking agencies to accelerate implementation of regulatory reforms made by the S. 2155 reform law, as well as other reforms that they said would enhance economic growth.


ABA, along with the Bank Policy Institute and the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, today expressed its support for a proposal from the Federal Reserve and the FDIC, as well as an advance notice of proposed rulemaking from the FDIC, to tailor their resolution planning frameworks for large banking companies and large insured banks.


While noting that it appreciates the bank regulators’ intent in their recent proposal to raise the thresholds at which bank directors or other management officials are prohibited from serving at more than one depository institution or holding company—and expressing support for an inflation-indexed increase in the thresholds—ABA today cautioned against an arbitrary asset threshold for defining a community bank.

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