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CFPB Updates Model Disclosure Forms to Reflect Changes to FCRA

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued an interim final rule making changes to two model disclosure forms -- summary of consumer rights and summary of identity theft rights -- to reflect changes made to the Fair Credit Reporting Act by S. 2155, the new regulatory reform law.

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Bankers Say S. 2155’s Reciprocal Deposit Provision Most Helpful

When asked to rank eight key provisions of S. 2155 -- the new regulatory reform law -- based on their likelihood to positively affect their institution, community and midsize bank executives said that the law’s provision amending the Federal Deposit Insurance Act to make most reciprocal deposits non-brokered ranked highest.

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Agencies Issue Volcker Rule Overhaul Proposal

The federal financial regulatory agencies have published in the Federal Register a long-awaited set of proposed changes to the Volcker Rule that are expected to simplify the rule’s compliance burden and better target its effects toward intended activities.

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