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Compliance and Risk

As part of its ongoing work on non-bank financial intermediation and following significant volatility in short-term funding markets early in the pandemic, the Financial Stability Board is seeking comments on various policy proposals aimed at enhancing the resilience of money market funds.

Compliance and Risk

The nation’s banks “remain resilient” amid ongoing pressures brought on by the pandemic, the Federal Reserve said today in its semiannual monetary policy report. The Fed noted that bank profitability and capital positions improved in the second half of 2020, citing lower-than-expected losses and an improved economic outlook, among other things.


In its most sweeping move yet to prop up the U.S. economy amid the coronavirus pandemic and public health response, the Federal Reserve this morning unveiled several new facilities to support the flow of up to $300 billion in financing to households and businesses and committed to quantitative easing “in amounts needed” to support market functioning.

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