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Newsbytes ABA, associations: FHFA fails to make case for SCP rule change

In proposing changes to the Suspended Counterparty Program, the Federal Housing Finance Agency has failed to explain why drastically expanding the program is necessary and why the program’s administration is not meeting the relevant policy objectives, ABA and two other banking associations said.

Newsbytes ABA recommends adjustments to FHFA pricing framework

ABA offered feedback on the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s recent request for comment on Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s single-family pricing framework, with the association recommending regular agency reviews and transparency surrounding the guarantee fees that are a key revenue source for both government-sponsored enterprises.

Mortgage FHFA issues proposed rule on suspended counterparty program 

The proposed rule would authorize the suspension of business between regulated FHFA entities and counterparties found to have committed misconduct in the context of civil enforcement actions or that have committed criminal or civil misconduct in connection with the management or ownership of real property.