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ABA Banking Journal

With Libor slated to sunset by the end of 2021, banks need to identify and mitigate their Libor transition risks. According to Fed leadership, “The firms we supervise should be aware of the intense supervisory focus we are placing on their transition and especially on their plans to end issuance of new contracts by year end.” Overall, the Libor transition is something bankers will want to have their arms firmly wrapped around sooner rather than later.

Compliance and Risk

The Federal Reserve today issued its final rule codifying that regulatory guidance does not have the force and effect of law, granting much of a joint petition filed by ABA and the Bank Policy Institute that sought a formal rulemaking to ensure that banking organizations would not need to rely on a 2018 interagency statement to clarify the role of guidance.


The Federal Reserve today released 2020 financial statements—independently audited by KPMG—for the combined system, including the 12 Federal Reserve Banks and the Board of Governors.

Compliance and Risk

A group of Republican senators this week cautioned Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell that using financial regulation and supervision to advance environmental policy objectives “would be beyond the scope of the Federal Reserve’s mission,” and urged against taking additional actions with regard to climate-related risks.

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