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Newsbytes Fed’s Barr: Bank failures may prompt reexamination of liquidity requirements

The speed at which deposits left Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, as well as concerns regarding banks’ ability to monetize their liquidity buffers, suggest that it may be necessary to reexamine requirements regarding self-insurance standards and discount window preparedness, Federal Reserve Vice Chairman for Supervision Michael Barr said.

Economy Fed’s Waller, Bowman uncertain about further rate hikes

In separate speeches, Federal Reserve Governors Christopher Waller and Michelle Bowman gave differing answers to the question of whether the Fed would need to continue raising the federal funds rate to tame inflation, although both cautioned there remains much uncertainty in the economic outlook.

Newsbytes Fed announces 2024 pricing for payment services

The Federal Reserve announced new pricing for the payment services that Fed banks provide to depository institutions, such as the clearing of checks, ACH transactions, and wholesale payment and settlement services.

Newsbytes Banking regulators preview 2024 supervisory priorities

The areas of supervisory focus for banking regulators in 2024 will look a lot like their focus since the bank failures earlier this year, with asset liability management, credit risk, cybersecurity, and operational risk top of mind, representatives from the Federal Reserve, OCC and Treasury Department said.

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