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Members of the Federal Reserve’s Community Depository Institution Advisory Council flagged cybersecurity threats—particularly related to ransomware—as a top threat facing community banks during a recent meeting, and noted that “a framework needs to be put in place that encourages cooperation and reduces risks of transparency (which currently is seen as leading primarily to punishment and reputational damage).”

Mutual Banks

The Federal Reserve has released a long-awaited set of frequently asked questions regarding its approach with regard to OCC-regulated federal savings associations and federal mutual savings banks that choose to exercise the option to become a “covered savings association,” as allowed by Section 206 of the 2018 S. 2155 regulatory reform law.


In light of elevated inflation pressures and further improvements in the labor market, Federal Open Market Committee members decided in December to further reduce the monthly pace of the Federal Reserve’s net asset purchases. In minutes from the group’s Dec. 14-15 meeting released today, members remarked that that a quicker conclusion of net asset purchases would better position the committee “to set policy to address the full range of plausible economic outcomes.”


The Federal Reserve will accelerate its planned tapering of Treasury securities and mortgage-backed securities purchases, according to the latest Federal Open Market Committee statement issued today.

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