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Newsbytes CFPB: Consumer financial health declined in 2022

The average financial well-being of U.S. consumers has returned to its pre-pandemic level, with more families reporting having difficulty paying all their bills in 2022 than the year before, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s annual Making Ends Meet survey released today.

Newsbytes ABA cautions against shifting liability for P2P scams

Any measures to shift liability to financial institutions for peer-to-peer payments that a consumer authorizes and later claims were paid to a scammer will harm consumers by diminishing the availability and value of P2P payments, increasing consumers’ costs, reducing competition, and enriching and encouraging criminals, the American Bankers Association said today in a letter to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Newsbytes CFPB: Digital marketers not exempt from Consumer Financial Protection Act

Digital marketers that provide targeted advertising for financial firms are subject to the Consumer Financial Services Protection Act and its prohibition on unfair, deceptive or abusive practices. Therefore, these marketers risk potential legal action if they run afoul of the act, according to an interpretive rule issued today by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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