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Policy ABA: Proposed call report requirement would be costly for banks, agencies

An interagency proposal to change what financial institutions must report on call reports is flawed in that it would add a new requirement to include modifications for borrowers experiencing financial difficulty, or FDMs, but in a manner that doesn’t align with generally accepted accounting principles and as a result, the banking agencies will lose out on the benefits of the GAAP-based metric, ABA said.


Three types of aggregate fee revenues—maintenance fees, ATM fees and overdraft fees—all declined in 2020, with overdraft fees seeing the greatest decline at 26.2%, according to data released by the CFPB today. In the years between 2015 and 2019, overdraft fees were increasing modestly year-over-year—about 1.7% annually, the bureau found. 

Compliance and Risk

Acknowledging the significant burdens that banks are currently facing as they provide assistance to customers during the coronavirus pandemic, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council last night announced a 30-day extension for institutions for the Call Report due on March 31.

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