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Last night, within the first 10 minutes of general availability for .bank domain names, more than 3,000 applications were received. These applicants join the 782 financial institutions that applied for .bank domains during the “sunrise” period for banks whose names have previously been registered in an international trademark directory.


In preparation for this week’s U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue meetings, ABA and other groups that comprise the Engage China coalition reiterated the need for accelerated reform of China’s financial system. “A modern and competitive financial system, one that includes full participation by non-Chinese financial services institutions… is imperative for China to continue to meet


The new .bank and .insurance domains coming online this year will provide an “incredible opportunity” to provide a more secure payments infrastructure, ABA and the Financial Services Roundtable said in a letter to the Federal Reserve officials leading the Fed’s faster payments initiative.

Compliance and Risk

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler yesterday circulated a summary of his proposal to clarify the Telephone Consumer Protection Act’s restrictions on autodialed calls and texts. One item to be addressed is ABA’s petition to the agency for an exemption from TCPA’s requirement for “prior express consent” for autodialed calls to alert bank customers to fraudulent transactions, data breaches and actions required to complete funds transfers.

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