House Committee to Vote on ABA-Advocated Bills This Week

The House Financial Services Committee is scheduled to meet tomorrow to begin voting on several bills that are part of ABA’s Agenda for America’s Hometown Banks.

These ABA-backed bills would roll back Operation Choke Point (H.R. 766), designate portfolio loans as Qualified Mortgages (H.R. 1210), make more institutions eligible for the 18-month exam cycle (H.R. 1553), improve exam fairness (H.R. 1941) and institute a hold-harmless period for the TILA-RESPA integrated disclosures until Feb. 1, 2016 (H.R. 3192).

The Senate is expected to take up the ABA-supported Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act this week, which would enhance critical cyber threat information sharing capabilities. Tomorrow, the House Homeland Security Committee will examine cybersecurity best practices, and the House Intelligence Committee will look at worldwide cyber threats on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the House Financial Services Committee will hold a Dodd-Frank five-year review of economic prosperity on Tuesday, the House Agriculture Committee will examine progress on implementing Dodd-Frank derivatives reforms on Wednesday and the Senate Banking Committee will look at the role of bankruptcy reform in addressing too-big-to-fail on Wednesday.