Anderson highlights industry DEI commitment in Convention address

In his chair’s address at ABA’s Annual Convention in Austin today, Scott Anderson shared five observations from his chairmanship. Anderson—who is president and CEO of Zions Bank in Salt Lake City—paid tribute to ABA President and CEO Rob Nichols and the ABA staff, and he noted the banking industry’s continued and deepening commitment to diversity and economic inclusion.

Anderson also announced the launch of a new book by ABA SVP Naomi Mercer: “DEI Foundation: Practices for Accelerating Your Bank’s DEI Journey.” The book is based on Mercer’s experience as a DEI leader and practitioner in the military and private sector and insights from the DEI work of banks of all sizes. “Since her hiring in 2019 to oversee ABA’s member-facing DEI efforts, Dr. Mercer has helped banks of all sizes embrace the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion. She has helped all of us understand why DEI isn’t just a moral imperative, it’s a business imperative if we want our banks to succeed in an increasingly diverse world,” Anderson said. “This book is a very tactical roadmap for banks trying to do the right thing, based on her own experience in the military and her work to identify leading DEI practices.”

Anderson also observed the leadership and personal investment bankers put into public policy advocacy—and bankers’ continued commitment to serving their clients and communities. “You have proven, time and time again, that when times get tough, bankers step up,” he said. “Fifth, and finally, I have been repeatedly reminded and had my long-held belief reinforced that banking is a truly noble profession. I have never been more proud to be a banker than I have been over the past 12 months. I’m exceptionally proud of what we do. I’m proud to be a banker and I’m proud to serve alongside all of you.”