New Video Highlights Banking Industry Response to COVID-19

A new video released by the American Bankers Association today highlights the many ways America’s banks have stepped up to support customers and communities facing unprecedented challenges during the coronavirus pandemic. The video pays tribute to the dedicated bank employees across the country who are serving as “economic first responders” in their local communities and facilitating critical government relief efforts like the Paycheck Protection Program. It also features banks customers thanking bankers for their efforts.

“We’ve got folks working from their kitchen tables, their laundry rooms, wherever they can find a place to work. I couldn’t be more proud of what our folks have been able to accomplish,” said ABA Chair Laurie Stewart in the video. “Thousands of financial institutions willing to take that leap of faith and engage with their communities and help get this money on the street really are making a difference.”

Bankers are encouraged to share the video widely on their social media networks and communications channels. For more on the industry’s response to the pandemic, visit