Survey: Customers Want Cyber Education from Banks

More than 9 in 10 Americans are concerned about their security online, and 74% of consumers say they would be likely to participate in a cybersecurity education or awareness program if their bank offered it, according to a new survey conducted for bank technology firm CSI.

Key opportunities for consumer education include identity protection and payment security, according to the poll. Three in 10 poll respondents said they don’t know what to do if their personal information is compromised in a data breach, and 55% want to do more to protect their privacy but said they don’t know how. A quarter of all consumers—and more than one third of adults 34 and under—continue to use the same passwords for their bank accounts and other online accounts.

With Cybersecurity Awareness Month observed in October, the American Bankers Association offers a variety of members-only communications resources on cybersecurity, identity fraud, phishing and other cyber-related topics. ABA’s Get Smart About Credit program—also observed in October—features a module to help young adults protect their identity online.