Podcast: Enterprise Risk Management in a Growing Midsize Bank

Midsize banks are at an inflection point: their ranks are growing as banking sector consolidation continues, and while these banks are ramping up their risk and compliance functions, they don’t need the same kinds of programs as the largest banks. “The evolution is about right-sizing and making it our own,” says Atul Malhotra, managing director of enterprise risk management at Fulton Financial in Lancaster, Pa., and chairman of ABA’s ERM/ORM peer group for midsize banks.

On the latest episode of the ABA Banking Journal Podcast, Malhotra discusses:

  • Trends in risk management and governance at midsize and community banks
  • How Fulton Financial embeds ERM in everyday tasks through training and communication
  • Key risks midsize banks are dealing with, including reputation risks and cybersecurity
  • The challenges of ERM in a bank holding company with multiple charters
  • The importance of risk management talent development (including ABA’s Risk Management School, Aug. 19-23 in Reston, Va.)

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In this episode:

Atul Malhotra
Managing Director, Enterprise Risk Management
Fulton Financial

Evan Sparks
ABA Banking Journal