Consumers Continue to Meet Their Debt Obligations

According to the most recent New York Fed Survey of Consumer Expectations, consumers are feeling better about being able to meet their debt obligations. The average probability a consumer would not be able to make their minimum debt payment declined to 11 percent in April, down roughly one percentage-point from the end of 2018. Consumers continue to be buoyed by strong job growth and rising wages while spending responsibly. The ABA’s Consumer Delinquency Bulletin echoes a similar sentiment, as delinquency rates, while predictably rising slightly due to the expansion of credit and interest rate increases by the Fed over the last two years, remain at very low levels. The composite ratio, which tracks delinquencies in eight closed-end installment loan categories, sits at 1.78 percent, 31 basis points below its pre-recession average. Likewise, bank card delinquencies are 111 basis points lower than their pre-recession average, currently at 3.22 percent.