Chase Survey Explores Opinions of ‘DIY Homebuyers’

While technology is reshaping the way Americans search for homes, most homebuyers still want to consult with mortgage and real estate professionals before buying, according to a survey released today by JPMorgan Chase. Sixty-eight percent of potential buyers start searching on their own — and 53 percent primarily use digital devices to conduct that search. But about three-quarters prefer to meet with a mortgage professional to explore financing options and a similar share still believe a real estate agent is essential to the process.

Buying a home tops the list of purchases Americans are saving for, and eight in 10 believe that people should start saving for a home in their twenties. And while the top-listed reason for owning a home is having a place to raise a family, the second-ranked reason was for investment purposes. Two-thirds of respondents said they believed the value of their home would rise over the next five years.