Nichols Offers Update on ABA Reg Relief Grassroots Action

Incoming ABA President and CEO Rob Nichols released a one-minute Voicebyte today on the latest with ABA’s Pass Reg Relief Now campaign, which will continue through the fall.

“While the process to get relief has started, we need every banker to be involved in helping get this done,” Nichols said, noting that the best vehicle to get this done is Sen. Richard Shelby’s regulatory relief bill (S. 1484). “Regulatory relief won’t happen unless all bankers, from the teller to the CEO, get involved now.”

Starting with today’s Washington Visit by bankers from Wisconsin, ABA is distributing postcards that bankers can send to their senators urging them to Pass Reg Relief Now and support S. 1484. Postcards will also be available at ABA’s Annual Convention, Nov. 8-10 in Los Angeles, and at other ABA conferences and council meetings throughout the fall.