ABA Infographic, Ad Educate Customers on EMV Transition

With the liability shift for EMV card technology coming up on Oct. 1 and many customers receiving chip-enabled cards in the mail, ABA has released a new infographic and is running a radio ad to help the public understand the new technology.

“Banks are leading the way to make transactions safer by issuing credit and debit cards with embedded microchips,” says the ad, which is sponsored by ABA’s Card Policy Council. “Cardholders will dip these cards, rather than swiping them, at chip-enabled registers.” The infographic — which bankers are invited to distribute to their customers — explains what the chip does, how it is more secure and how to use it.

The ads are airing this week on WTOP, the Washington area’s most-listened-to drive-time station, and are also intended to help policymakers understand how the EMV transition works. “Chip cards are just one of the many ways that banks are working to protect your account,” the ad says. The ad and infographic are part of a broader ABA effort to educate consumers and policymakers about card security. Starting in October, the party — merchant or issuer — that does not support EMV assumes liability for counterfeit card transactions.