ABA Foundation Announces ‘Safe Banking for Seniors’ Initiative

The ABA Foundation today announced a new campaign — Safe Banking for Seniors — to help bankers educate seniors and their caregiver on the risks of financial fraud.

As with other ABA Foundation financial literacy programs, the foundation will provide bankers with event materials, lesson plans, media outreach tools and best practices. Bankers will be encouraged to use the resources at outreach events throughout the year, and to team up with other organizations and agencies in their communities.

“Bankers are often the first line of defense against elder financial fraud from educating and advising customers to spotting the signs of abuse,” said ABA President and CEO Frank Keating. “We take our role seriously, and the more we can work together as citizens, bankers, and government officials, we can protect our seniors from fraud.”

The materials will be available to bankers in January. To receive them and other program updates, sign up at aba.com/Seniors.