​NCR Launches New Cloud-Based ATM Software Platform

NCR, a leading provider of consumer transaction technologies, today announced that it is launching a new cloud-based enterprise software platform for ATMs. The software, called Kalpana, runs ATMs remotely on an Android operating system and is designed to reduce costs and increase ATM security.

Whereas today individual ATMs are powered by their own software, requiring expensive and laborious individual updates, Kalpana will allow financial institutions to deploy software changes and patches across the system at one time. NCR estimated that the software may cut the costs of running an ATM network by up to 40 percent.

“NCR’s Kalpana software is the most disruptive change to the ATM ecosystem in decades,” said Andy Heyman, president of NCR Financial Services. “Business and consumer applications are increasingly turning to enterprise or cloud-based solutions that reshape security and enable fast, nimble and dynamic customer experiences.”

Through its Corporation for American Banking subsidiary, ABA endorses NCR for a wide range of self-service ATMs with preferential pricing for ABA members, as well as ATM software and security, ATM management and branch transformation offerings that include interactive tellers, financial kiosks, cash recyclers and appointment scheduling.