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Compliance and Risk

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Monday wrote to the Federal Communications Commission in support of a petition filed by ABA and six other financial trade groups seeking an expedited ruling from the FCC on the exempt status of banks’ COVID-19 related calls.


As banks seek to contact customers with COVID-19-related information, the American Bankers Association and six other financial trade groups filed a petition requesting that the Federal Communications Commission issue an expedited declaratory ruling or waiver confirming that financial institutions’ COVID-19-related calls are exempt from the Telephone Consumer Protection Act’s requirements.

Compliance and Risk

As the Federal Communications Commission prepares to vote Thursday on a proposal permitting telephone companies to block unwanted calls, the American Bankers Association submitted two letters (dated May 31 and June 3) to the commission explaining how it could result in the erroneous blocking of lawful calls placed by banks.

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