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Retail and Marketing How To Dive Into Digital Marketing

It can be daunting to jump so late into the digital marketing pool, especially for those of us schooled in the age of traditional marketing. There are myriad choices, many with confusing acronyms. How do all these pieces fit together—or do they? And where do you start?

Retail and Marketing Your Website: It’s Not the ‘Field of Dreams’

Some banks remain hesitant to invest heavily in developing and driving traffic to their website. Think of it this way: you wouldn’t build a new branch and then decide not to put up a sign. Likewise, your website needs a signpost (or two) and directions to help potential customers find it.

Retail and Marketing Keywords: Phrase Match and Broad Match Modifiers

Keywords have long been the focus of digital marketers, as they’re seen as the key (get it?) to getting in front of the right audience for each product. Google trained us to think this way, so it’s no surprise the folks at Google have been slowly making our job easier—and harder.