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FHFA Proposal Would Align GSEs’ Practices for TBA-Eligible MBS

As Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac continue moving toward a single security, the Federal Housing Finance Agency today issued a proposed rule directing the GSEs to harmonize their programs, policies and practices that affect the prepayment rates of to-be-announced-eligible mortgage-backed securities.

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Agencies No Longer Enforcing Volcker Rule for Banks Exempt Under S. 2155

As the FDIC board and the OCC today formally proposed the interagency revisions to the Volcker Rule that were unveiled by the Federal Reserve yesterday, the banking agencies are no longer enforcing Volcker for banks and holding companies subject to the exemption under the recently enacted S. 2155 regulatory reform bill.

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ABA Offers Three Regulatory Fixes for Volcker Rule

In a letter to Federal Reserve Governor Jerome Powell today, ABA President and CEO Rob Nichols welcomed Powell’s commitment to revise the Volcker Rule and offered three tweaks that the banking agencies can make to the rule without congressional action.

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