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Former Regulator Defends New Fed Proposal for Bank Boards in Op-Ed

The Federal Reserve’s recent proposal to streamline supervisory expectations for bank boards of directors will not lessen the workload for bank boards as some critics have suggested, said former regulatory official and retired American Bankers Association SVP Richard Riese today in an op-ed in American Banker magazine.

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Fed’s Powell: Some Post-Crisis Regs ‘Unnecessarily Burdensome’

Noting that the U.S. financial system is “without a doubt far stronger” than it was before the crisis, Federal Reserve Governor Jerome Powell said today that the collective weight of post-financial crisis rules are too complex and that some of them are burdensome and may not be needed at all -- especially in a context of sluggish productivity and GDP growth that calls for banks to “devote as much of their resources as possible to supporting economic growth.”

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Innovation in the Bank

Community bank leaders weigh in on how they handle technological changes and IT strategic planning while keeping focused on customer needs.

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