Solving the banking customer experience / efficiency balancing act


Finding the perfect balance between a banking customer-friendly experience and an efficient staffing solution is a puzzle that many banks have been presented with in the past few years.

Digital service has become a growing preference for many bank customers, who increasingly expect the same kind of thorough service they get from top-of-the-line online retailers. At the same time, many still pick up the phone when they face a complex issue.

Meanwhile, many banks need to do more with less as staffing issues and economic uncertainty take hold. How can banks both provide this exceptional service experience that customers expect, and simultaneously work within budgetary constraints?

One potential way to accomplish both goals at the same time is to unify separate, disparate customer service channels into one seamless, ChannelLess experience. Combining the traditional phone system with an advanced digital customer service platform can bring the best of both worlds together, boosting efficiencies and customer satisfaction at the same time.

Multiple silos creates multiple pain-points

Managing a variety of completely separate solutions for customer service creates a broken experience that negatively impacts both customers and staff alike.

Customers are dissatisfied with a service experience that feels disconnected, forcing them to leave the channel to continue the interaction, typically breaking the connection. Without a seamless transition between channels, customers often need to repeat information, disconnect and start the interaction over again, which in turn encourages many to abandon an experience altogether before a proper conclusion is reached.

On the other hand, when staff is unable to manage all channels on the same platform, it forces divisions among the support team. This adds a level of inefficiency to the staffing mix, as they will either need to learn the ins and outs of multiple completely different platforms or focus on specializing on only one. Staff won’t be able to help customers on separate channels, unless they juggle multiple platforms simultaneously, creating further inconvenience for the staff experience, not to mention a lousy customer experience.

In order to overcome these pain points, banks should look into uniting their many separate customer service channels into one singular holistic platform.

Bringing it all together

Utilizing a platform that integrates the call center with digital service can give all the conveniences of online support with the familiarity of phone-based service. Customers can seamlessly be transitioned from a phone call to an online interaction, with all context and information remaining intact. A unified platform also allows service staff to assist users across multiple channels simultaneously, which greatly increases the effectiveness of each individual employee.

Finding that balance between efficiency and a great customer experience doesn’t have to be a struggle. A more efficient customer service platform can itself enable a better experience and drive significant efficiencies by offering a smarter way to operate multiple communication channels at the same time.

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