ABA unveils new videos on scams targeting seniors

As part of its Safe Banking for Seniors campaign, the American Bankers Association Foundation today released seven new videos intended to help raise awareness about the top scams targeting older Americans. The films provide an overview of scams in general, as well as information on specific scams that commonly target seniors, including family impostor scams, government impostor scams, tech support scams, money mule scams, sweetheart scams and lottery scams.

“Criminals know that older Americans hold approximately 65% of bank deposits in the U.S. and unfortunately, that concentration of wealth often makes them prime targets for financial exploitation,” said ABA Foundation Executive Director Lindsay Torrico. “These videos will bolster bank efforts to safeguard their senior customers and help bank employees, caregivers and family members spot scams before they can do any damage.”

The videos, along with ABA’s existing suite of Safe Banking for Seniors resources, are available for free to banks.