Identity Fraud: The Gateway to Account Takeover


With the amount of mobile devices and online services in play, it’s no secret that identity fraud is on the rise. Between password reuse, SMSishing and phishing, malware, and dark web availability, consumers’ identities are ripe for the fraudulent picking. Once an identity is captured, account takeover is seconds away.
In this on-demand webinar, hear from Javelin Strategy & Research industry analyst Tracy Kitten and NICE Actimize financial crime experts as they discuss how to prevent, detect and investigate account takeovers driven by identity fraud.
Topics covered include:
  • Current trends in identity fraud and how they open the door to account take over
  • How AI & behavioral analytics play a critical role in preventing ATOs “as-they-come”
  • How to de-risk new account opening with self-service Know Your Customer and actionable data intelligence.
Tracy C. Kitten | Director, Fraud & Security; Javelin Strategy & Research
Eric Tran-Le | Vice President, Head of NICE Actimize Premier, NICE Actimize