BAFT Announces Creation of Transaction-Banking Networking Club

BAFT, the American Bankers Association subsidiary association for international transaction banking, today announced the creation of a virtual transaction-banking networking club, BAFT Connect. Starting on Oct. 20, the subscription-only service will be open to members of the transaction banking community.

The networking club will hold monthly sessions on the third Wednesday of every month that will include presentations from expert speakers, as well as small group roundtable discussions on developing industry issues. During the monthly sessions, members will be able to network with other subscribers and guests through video and chat.

The idea for the online organization stemmed from the lack of in-person networking opportunities last year, BAFT said, adding that the new club will continue to be a conduit for collaboration after in-person meetings resume. BAFT Connect will have an open house on its launch day Oct. 20; to participate, attendees must complete registration by Oct. 17.