SAR Writing: Using Purpose and Clarity to Aid Law Enforcement


SAR writing is easier said than done. BSA officers often ask, “What happens to our SARs once submitted? Is anyone even reading this information? How do I alert law enforcement to COVID-19 related fraud?” In a never-ending sea of SARs filed with FinCEN each year, it is important that your SARs are noticed and read by law enforcement. Learn how to craft a SAR narrative that tells your story and captures the attention of law enforcement while maintaining regulatory requirements.

Be sure to grab our accompanying SAR Writing Checklist to use as you follow along with the session. BSA professionals can leverage this checklist to ensure they incorporate the key items law enforcement is looking for in a quality SAR.

Download this session to:

  • Discover the minimum requirements of information that must be in your SARs
  • Learn how to write effective and captivating narratives for your audience: law enforcement
  • Learn the FinCEN SAR narrative requests for COVID-19 related fraud
  • Gain confidence in meeting all SAR writing regulatory expectations.

This session is eligible for 1.25 credits CAFP & CRCM, 1 credit CAMS & CFCS.