New ABA Radio Spot: ‘America’s Banks Are Here to Help’

As banks nationwide continue to serve as economic first responders and provide much-needed economic support to their local communities, the American Bankers Association is running a new radio spot on WTOP, Washington D.C.’s highest-rated radio station, highlighting the industry’s response. In the 30-second spot—which will air three times daily through the end of the month, reaching the D.C.-area audience of policymakers—ABA President and CEO Rob Nichols shared the many ways that banks are responding to the COVID-19 crisis, emphasizing that “America’s banks are here to help.”

“Whether it’s working with customers having trouble paying a mortgage, saving jobs with a loan to a struggling small business, or safely depositing a government stimulus payment into your account, banks of all sizes are helping put the nation on the path to recovery,” Nichols said. He also directed consumers to the association’s consumer financial tips for additional assistance.