WSJ Spotlights ABA’s Political Engagement Efforts

As the 2020 election cycle gears up, an article today in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required) highlighted ABA’s political engagement efforts, including the association’s plans to spend more than $10 million in support of pro-banking congressional candidates from both parties.

“Our goal is to support candidates who understand and appreciate the critical role banks of all sizes play in the economy,” said ABA President and CEO Rob Nichols. “We plan to expand our efforts in 2020 on a rigorously bipartisan basis.”

ABA has been steadily increasing its political efforts over the last several years, with the goal of expanding the banking industry’s political capability and growing a bipartisan, consensus-minded pro-banking bench in Congress. During the 2018 midterm cycle, ABA partnered with several state bankers associations to run political ads in support of candidates in select races.