Top Bank Marketing Reads of 2018

ABA Bank Marketing

Before we bid a final adieu to 2018, let’s take a quick look back at the top 10 ABA Bank Marketing articles of the year.

Old Point’s Big Idea: A Bridal Blowout — By Erin Black

How Banks Partner with Fintech for Digital Lending — Findings from ABA Research

How Business Bankers Use LinkedIn — By Dan Swift

Changing Roles in the Experience Economy — By Kevin Dulle

Post Merger, Launching a Powerful Combined Brand — An ABA Banking Journal Podcast

Rethinking Banking for the Post-Digital Age — By Tom Goodwin

Come Listen to a Story ‘Bout Redneck Bank — By Kate Young

Emojis in Financial Services Messaging? — By Marielle Lea

Four Questions Every Bank CEO Should Ask Marketing — By Kate Young

The Woman behind “The Girl Banker” — By Karen Kroll