How strong is your social media information governance program?

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As platforms like Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft Yammer and Salesforce Chatter continue to prove benefits in productivity, and employee engagement – organizations are shifting away from email and onto these collaboration tools for their internal communications.

Yet, most companies that are rolling out Enterprise Collaboration platforms don’t have solutions in place to monitor employee communications, for information governance, or eDiscovery. This can result in several risks:

  • Information leakage of confidential company/ client information
  • Sharing of personal employee information
  • Information loss and document deletions
  • Inappropriate employee conversations
  • Harassment and bullying incidents
  • Non-compliance with GDPR

This whitepaper by PageFreezer explores the importance information governance and eDiscovery for collaborative social networks. You will learn more about these risks, where you stand in your preparation, and what technologies you can implement to ensure you have your bases covered.