Renasant’s Big Idea: Crafted

From Renasant Bank

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To gain attention and reach new clients, brands must function more like media companies than traditional marketing departments. This is not only part of our strategy at Renasant to grow our brand awareness but was a key point of David Beebe’s presentation at the 2017 ABA Marketing Conference in New Orleans.

With this strategy in mind, we built a partnership between Renasant and:

  • The Mabus Agency (our ad agency)
  • Rated Red (our production company)
  • Rain (our digital delivery provider)

Together, we created a high-production, fast-paced video series focusing on our clients and their businesses.

The show, titled Crafted, would focus on the “doers” of our community—American small businesses with interesting story lines. Season One of Crafted had six total episodes that were approximately five minutes at full length.


Trailer for Season One of Crafted:


Crafted, Episode 1: Custom Denim from Blue Delta Jean Co.:

Subsequent episodes featured a brewery, a manufacturer of coolers, a silk-screening studio, an old-school knife maker, and an architect.

We then made one minute video “how-tos” of the craft from each business for quick viewing on Facebook after we promoted the long form videos.

In addition, we made 15- and 10-second teaser style videos for Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram that lead to the long form videos at our Renasant Nation content site.

From custom blue jeans to knife making and craft beer, Crafted was a smashing success with more than 4 million total views over social media and other digital channels, including Renasant Nation.  It was our best idea for 2017.

Thank you for letting us share our best idea for 2017. We are already in the process of shooting the second season, which will be released in March 2018.


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