2018: A Year of Content Marketing

In at least one regard, 2018 is shaping up to be a year like every other:

Your customers will need your support, guidance, and advice.

That’s the good news. You can strengthen your customer relationships by routinely engaging customers with content that educates and informs without promoting your bank’s products.

Why bother? Well, for one thing, it builds trust—and that warm, fuzzy feeling that leads to customer loyalty. And it increases the chance they’ll think of you when they need a financial product. For another thing, educating your customers on better money management might just turn them into people who save more, pay their debts responsibly, and avoid financial scams. In other words, better bank customers.

It’s called content marketing—you’ve probably heard of it. But are you actually doing it? It can be tough to get started—especially if you don’t have a wealth of well-written, well-vetted, financial education content on hand. That’s the bad news.

Fear not. We have the tools to help you help your customers.

Each year, ABA publishes a calendar of consumer awareness observances. You can use it as a guide for reaching out to your customers with financial advice, tip sheets, and infographics throughout the year.

And the icing on the cake: We also have a library of consumer resources for you to share with your customers—content that’s written specifically for them. You could build out a content calendar by matching the dates with the resources. For example:

ABA consumer resources address the full gamut of personal finance topics—enough to cover the entire year. So get ready to help your customers make better-informed financial decisions.