ABA Endorses Zenmonics’ Digital Account Opening Technology

As customers increasingly expect a seamless account opening experience through digital channels, ABA has endorsed the digital account opening technology offered by Charlotte, N.C.-based Zenmonics. Zenmonics’ channelUnited allows bank customers to open accounts in minutes using a smartphone, tablet or computer while meeting the numerous know-your-customer and Bank Secrecy Act compliance requirements.

“Increasingly, customers have the expectation that they can begin a banking relationship online in minutes, and they expect the user experience to be as good as when they make purchases online,” said ABA SVP Christopher McClinton. “That’s a tall order for banks that have account opening procedures to follow. Zenmonics has cracked that code.”

Zenmonics provides a consistent user experience across all channels, both for customers opening an account and bank employees on the back end. Other features of channelUnited include “Express Path” for existing bank customers, auto-fill capability for customer convenience, real-time core integration and online banking enrollment.


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