On the Floor at Finovate

By Grace Dinn

In case you have to ask, the FinovateSpring conference is the Silicon-Valley based showcase of the latest innovations in fintech. Why should you care? Well, financial innovation isn’t just about the latest gadgetry. It’s about finding better ways to serve customers—and better ways to reach them.

If you’re not among the experts from the banking, finance, and tech industries who are there now, we’ve got you covered. We’re in the house, and we’ll keep you updated on the technology most likely to affect your life as a banker, now and later.

Wednesday, May 11, 9:30 p.m.

Demo Session #7, presenting:


• Offering end-to-end account opening on a mobile device (omnichannel).
• Users create an account with personal data from Facebook, then add social security number and drivers’ license, digitally authenticate identity, digitally fund the account, and it’s complete.
• The demo showed how a bank’s promotional offer (in this case sunglasses and a debit card) can be delivered at the end.
• Delivery options are to have the premium mailed to you, go to the branch to pick it up, or have Uber go to the branch (without you in the car) and bring it to your door the same day.
• The promotion is started on social media (with a Twitter ad offering sunglasses and debit card), and ends on social media—sharing on Facebook to be entered in a contest.


• Empowering auditors and risk assessors with a cloud-based platform that makes assurance and auditing more efficient and less painful.
• This is touted as a collaboration of man and machine.
• Capabilities for web scraping and document sets from multiple sources.
• Clients can view all the tasks set up by the auditor.
• Link to bank-accounts so that documents that can be dragged and dropped.

Chip Shield

• This is a chip reader that can protect the user’s identity and card for online shopping.
• It offers EMV authentication to individual online consumer—merchant doesn’t need anything special.
• Info is passed to the website, bypassing less-legitimate security, for easier authentication.
• Chip readers can be branded.
• Basically, the customer has a chip shield at home, and when shopping online, they stick the chip into the shield, they are authenticated, and good to go.


• Sberbank Messenger is used to transfer money to others—like Venmo.
• Omni-purpose communication to (Smart Search) can be used to help find verified services and people you are looking for right now.
• Users can make a purchase directly in the app with fingerprint authentication.


• This is a robo-funder platform.
• Financial services firms can use it to build their cloud-strategy.
• The core platform is designed to enable a wide ecosystem.
• They have an app.

Polly Portfolio

• This provides retail and advisory users portfolio insight they need
• When a client and advisor are talking, can look at the same screen, real time.
• The screen will recalculate and reflect changes made throughout the discussion.
• It is essentially polling.
• Sky.pollyport.com = game


• This is another document management and origination solution.
• The goal is to help servicers help borrowers.
• It has mobile capability—users can take a picture, and upload documentation.

Ormsby Street – CreditHQ

• This helps businesses (especially small businesses) manage cash flow.
• Use it to analyze credit interactions to know who will pay and when.
• Prioritize accounts receivable based on past payment behavior.
• The app provides automated debt collection.
• It can be used to use to look up credit data and credit score.


• This offers front-end wealth management that combines financial planning and investment advisory services that are completely personalized.
• This was the first appearance of an apple watch in a demo at this conference—it only took 68 presentations to get here.
• Virtual reality + financial services = genius.
• In the demo, virtual reality goggles were used. This was fascinating and slightly futuristic. seeming
• This provides a private back to private banking.
• You can see your strategy.


• This is a franchising investment platform.
• It provides crowdfunding investments.
• Accredited investors can view opportunities that non-accredited investors can’t.
• Users can create a profile on the website, and connect with franchising opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t be able to find
• It can also be used to link up with, follow, and integrate with likeminded individuals.
• You can curate network and information flows.

Race Data

• This “relationship accelerator” targets banks with small budgets and small staffs, to help them build relationships.
• Customers are less likely to leave when they have a personal connection with a bank.
• Race data helps the user learn what customers do, track where they are in their journey, and identify what offers may apply to them.
• It gauges the depth of the relationship and where the customer ranks in the overall portfolio so banks can personalize interaction and give special attention to those customers who need it.


• This is a payments platform that is easy to use, low cost, and data rich.
• Data is linked to the phone number.
• If the user has shopped with a merchant before, they can skip a step because the customer information is already in there.
• The app is linked to the bank account.
• There’s a surcharge for using a debit or credit card.
• Users need proof they own the phone.
• This makes it easy for customer.
• On the merchant side, they are pay half the processing fee so it’s much cheaper

And that’s it for FinovateSpring 2016.

Signing off and heading to the final networking session! Overall, it was a super exciting two days full of an overwhelming amount of ideas. It will be a very interesting future for fintech. We’ll be live from Next Bank Silicon Valley tomorrow.


Wednesday, May 11, 2016, 3:30 p.m.

Demo Session #6, presenting:


  • This employer-based platform claims to end financial stress by enabling instant access to earned wages.
  • Lifeline for households who need access to funds on the spot.
  • Employees can use it to deal with basic life expenses without incurring debt.
  • It also offers bill pay, funds transfer, and savings/budgeting tools.


  • This presentation opened by saying that banks pretend to be IT companies, but they’re not.
  • Banks cannot create world class products.
  • Corezoid is a process engine—the “Tesla in the world of back-end IT systems.”
  • It’s a plug and play solution for a digital core for any size company.

Advisor Software

  • Something called Compass is going live this summer—an administrative portal.
  • They offer a CRM ecosystem to help wealth managers make better decisions.
  • With compass the advisor can customize the site.
  • They offer model portfolios, a model management application that can handle tons of stuff.
  • Access summary reports of accounts plus accounts elsewhere.
  • They also have a turnkey, lead-gen app.

NIIT Technologies

  • This provides “digital foresight.”
  • It’s a predictive analytics platform that enables an enterprise to develop actionable strategy to retain business, grow and manage.
  • DSaaS = data science as a service.
  • They offer “deep, deep data mining.”
  • Google like dashboard.
  • The goal is to help businesses deliver throughout the customer’s entire journey.


  • Blend stands for better lending.
  • The tagline is “Technology powering the new wave of mortgage lending.”
  • The platform can be white labeled and customized.
  • The system is compliant, providing an audit trail and tracking everything the customer does.
  • The question – How do we make the stressful experience pleasant and easy?
  • The goal – Lending should be easy and painless for all parties involved.


  • Turn an expense into a revenue item.
  • Paynuver – allows the user to insert a new type of account between point a and point b, enhancing the process with digital signatures.
  • Regulatory friendly solution for funds disbursement.
  • Create a payment account then release funds.
  • Users can make payments in the future using just the policy number.


  • GreenID enables simple mobile onboarding.
  • Facial recognition uses a blink test to make sure it is a human face and not a picture.
  • Facial match selfie (post blink test) and license is needed.
  • In the demo, the selfie came back quickly, so be ready.
  • This makes the process quick and dirty.
  • They scoured the earth for the best of the best identity verification technology.
  • Banks could theoretically identify whether applicants are terrorists or money launderers and instantly verify identity.


  • This was touted as the Tinder for trading.
  • Users see a self-learning news feed like Facebook.
  • They can connect and follow people to learn what they like.
  • Instead of swiping through people, swipe through stocks.
  • You can swipe through trades others have made: swipe left and you will never see it again. Right you got it and can copy it.
  • Activity is reflected instantly in your trading account.
  • Ads can be targeted to clients.

Malauzai software

  • Mox pay is an “omni community manager,” a local business mobile wallet, powered by a community bank.
  • It is published using a super powerful app publishing tool.
  • Local mobile wallets are turning local businesses into Starbucks.
  • App publishing that gives the power to the companies.


  • This is a simple tool to update credit cards in the event that you are compromised.
  • It compares VIN data so that if you have your card linked to something—think Ticketmaster—it switches it to the new card so you don’t have to scour your accounts and do it manually, making a terrible process simple.
  • When your card and or identity is compromised, the last thing you want to deal with is when you are trying to book your Beyoncé tickets and can’t (then miss out since they went so fast) because your credit card on that account isn’t real.

Demo Session #5, presenting:

Envestnet – Yodlee

  • Provides aggregated data solutions to banks and their clients.
  • A consumer dashboard gives views of investment accounts, overall net worth, day-to-day information, as well as long-term projections.
  • Data is put into a form that’s actionable and not overwhelming.
  • Consumers can set long-term financial goals, set a budget and monitor their status.
  • Advisors use it to build a profile and financial plan for clients.
  • The offering has three tracks: financial plan, financial checkup, find a great investment option.
  • The platform brings together the investor and the advisor whenever, wherever, with a real-time chat feature. 


  • This provides mobile customer onboarding for a frictionless experience.
  • The product targets millennials, who apparently want their mortgages fast.
  • The idea is to take cloud-based information and put it on a mobile device.
  • SnapDoc uploads documents via image, and provides instant feedback.
  • Ephesoft Universe gives structure and insight into your portfolio using big data analytics.
  • Banks have to have documents for loans. So why not make these documents insightful? 


  • Enables data-driven videos—user builds out a base video, then plugs in data from a spreadsheet to personalize.
  • Data-driven videos are useful for cross-selling.
  • Monthly, quarterly reports become more exciting and engaging for the customer.


  • This is a digital identity network that promises to be able to tell between good and bad people coming to your site.
  • It breaks down by identity intelligence, device intelligence, threat intelligence, global intelligence, and behavioral intelligence.
  • The user can configure the rules.


  • This digital fund management system uses cloud-based technology to enable paperless management and administration.
  • SAS platform: FundManager.io.
  • This could spell the end of spreadsheets and pdf’s.
  • It provides the opportunity to digitize the subscription process and all workflows.
  • Nothing needs to be put in by hand.
  • A secure digital vault makes it easy to share.
  • There’s no longer any use for file folders.
  • Managers can shift focus from where the documents are to what needs to be done.

DigiByte Holdings LTD

  • DiguSign is a secure and confidential document certification service.
  • It uses blockchain technology for “lightening quick” document certification.
  • Bankers could use this to quickly verify the documents before moving on them.
  • DigiByte also offers a gaming wallet, specifically targeting millennials.


  • This offers robo-advising for peer-to-peer lending.
  • Peer lending meets machine.
  • In theory, the diversification potential could enable lower rates and higher returns at low risk.
  • It involves a tiny robot that identifies best option for the user, automating everything.
  • It provides a slider for users to select how aggressive/conservative they want to go.
  • You can also see your investments that are not on LendingRobot.
  • It shows current value of your portfolio and projections.
  • It’s completely free even if you’re not a client (the Mint of lending).


  • CardLinx Association works toward increasing interoperability, eliminating friction, and promoting the growth of the card-linking industry.
  • It provides a database where companies can exchange deals.
  • Card linking can be used for sending real-time offers to people walking by.
  • Card linking into a digital account.

NuData Security

  • This is an identity verification system.
  • NuDetect provides a multilayer verification to discover the unique user behind a given device.
  • It can see the user behavior and identify whether it is not the real person based on behavior.
  • Device and passive behavior analysis is possible, even if the person has never been to the site.


  • This personalizes ultra-high net worth investment advice for mass affluent investors.
  • It empowers the financial advisor by providing a chat bot and an operating system for wealth management.
  • The goal is to help each individuals achieve their dreams.


Tuesday, May 10, 9:30 p.m.

Demo Session #4, presenting:


  • This is a new way to monitor account fraud and prevent identity theft.
  • Customers don’t get a memo when someone uses their social to open a new account.
  • This customer notification product would do just that.
  • There is a victim of identity fraud every 2 seconds. 


  • The point of this product is to help users stop wasting money on expenses like craft beer, gaming, or overpriced food, and save it towards important goals instead.
  • The theory behind it is to take a habits app to the next level.
  • Lifestyle savings tool to turn everyday activities into saving
  • Smart savings moves—called smooves—are the rules the user sets up to set up a wish and start saving towards it.
  • It includes optimizations, behaviors etc. and comes up with better plans etc.
  • The goal is to let the user just live life and let Savedreoid do the work.


  • This digital banking and bill management program is designed for banks.
  • Launching today – direct pay.
  • Pay bills directly through Finovera so you earn the interchange fee.
  • Bill management capability allows users to check on upcoming bills, act now, act soon, paid bills, and determine whether you have enough money to pay.
  • The system includes bill details, and can provide PDF bills (same as you receive in snailmail).
  • Finovera customer are 25% better at paying bills.
  • Users can pay through credit too not just bank card or account.
  • Bill management is the new face of the old bill pay.
  • It turns bank bill pay on its head with simplicity and control for customers.


  • Obloco touts itself as the first white label expense report system.
  • Target: Small business customers, not those with multiple levels of reporting.
  • Traditional expense reporting is viewed as a major pain point.
  • This system works within an online bank account and avoids complex workflows.
  • It provides a simple process for people to collect receipts.
  • Companies can use it to track behavior of employees.
  • Commoditizing expense reporting.

Vera Security

  • Vera Security addresses the information snagging problem.
  • When sending an email with attachments, users can add watermarks to protect the document.
  • Vera secures the file so that only those on the guest list can access it.
  • From the end user perspective, it looks normal.
  • From the backend, Vera is verifying that the person is allowed access.
  • They are not allowed to do anything to the document, which is completely locked down.
  • Vera can also track where the document travels– sanctioned channels or not sanctioned.
  • Vera can revoke access, killing the file so it cannot be opened.
  • Access can be denied after it has been sent and viewed.
  • Slack –a Vera bot that will identify files, remove files, secure, and repost the secure file.

CUnexus Solutions

  • This transforms consumer lending by simplifying it.
  • Lenders can provide and deliver the personalized, mobile, always-on customer experience consumers have come to expect.
  • A preapproval process determines search results.
  • Users can calculate accurate monthly payments, which show next to results so you don’t fall in love with something you can’t afford.
  • This can live within the bank’s mobile app.
  • The system can also trade in insurance quotes too
  • It provides end-to-end auto-purchasing processes all on your mobile device.


  • The pitch: “Your intelligence amplified.”
  • This searches, analyzes, and visualizes the world’s collective intelligence to help answer strategic questions.
  • For example, users can upload distinct customer narratives related to banker feedback.
  • Quid analyzes, finds common pain points, distinct topics that are digestible, and manipulable, and breaks down the what is said about different companies.


  • Mitek provides mobile verification.
  • It offers a better user experience combined with authentic verification.
  • Users benefit from less typing, omnichannel experience, mobile and browser.
  • They have extended mobile verify to include desktop users.


  • This enables marketing and IT security professionals to promote and protect their businesses.
  • It targets potential customers.
  • For example, it can look at checking customers to see who is eligible for other products.


  • The pitch: “Everywhere capital goes progress follows.”
  • Wealthforge offers a way to let anyone who is raising private capital into market.
  • It is safe and compliant.
  • Users log into Wealthforge and upload basic info that is needed from a capital raising perspective, marketing, regulatory, etc.
  • Upload documents, all the things investors want to know.
  • As users enter the data the “dynamic tombstone” is created on the side.
  • Wealthforge reviews the submission for compliance, due diligence, etc.
  • The goal is to make is simple for issuers and investors to click and go.
  • Users can interact and find people who are looking for capital and those who have capital to spare.
  • Only people who are pre-vetted are allowed into the site.
  • Investors can view performance of the products.
  • “Capital raising has never been so simple.”


Demo Session #3, presenting:

OutsideIQ – DDIQ

  • This due diligence technology finds information on people and companies.
  • Users create profiles embedded in the report.
  • It’s important when onboarding to check regulatory lists.
  • DDIQ looks at unstructured data on the worldwide web, and finds things that may not be obvious.
  • The company touts this as a game changer—Google alerts on steroids—that monitors all your people and investments in essentially real time.
  • Impossible for a human compliance office to achieve this level.
  • It performs overnight crawls the Internet and presents links to the news stories.
  • While you sleep, DDIQ does the dirty work for you.


  • This trading platform is a marketplace for pre-IPO securities.
  • Provides financial advisors direct access to proven startups.
  • Touted as “private markets 2.0”—offerings are company approved, compliant.
  • Live investment offerings are available on the listing page.
  • Only 5% make it onto the listing
  • Unveiling for the first time – financial advisors direct access to the private investors.
  • Toolkit includes research.
  • It’s a comprehensive solution so advisors can manage clients’ entire profile from one system.
  • Offerings can be sorted by all different ways.
  • EZAdvantage – Advisors can take the whole investable universe, select the short list, see a short but deep breakdown.


  • A funny presentation that introduced IBM as a startup.
  • They are now offering a new wealth management system.
  • API based, predictive analytics.
  • Advisors will be enabled to better service clients.


  • This technology provides real-time, reliable cybersecurity.
  • They currently protect over 100 million users in over 50 countries.
  • They demonstration showed how hackers work—it’s relatively easy for them to find targets.
  • A new risk: robots that act like humans, by typing slowly, etc.
  • Cyberfend looks deeply into the integration because hackers are constantly evolving and nearly impossible to keep up with.
  • The goal is to fundamentally improve web security. 


  • BanQu’s goal is to end extreme poverty around the world.
  • The idea is to use blockchain technology and selfies to help dispossessed people create an identity.
  • A digital signature is created for refugees.
  • Aid agencies can use this to transmit information.
  • The BanQu network will create a platform where you can send the aid to the person. 


  • This is a customer acquisition and customer service platform.
  • It offers live chat features, so customer service reps can walk customers through processes via chat or video chat.
  • From the customer perspective, it’s convenient.
  • From the business side, it’s clean and easy to use.
  • The technology is secure, sustainable, and seamless.
  • The key is in the simplicity—the goal is to make transactions as easy as in person, in a branch.


  • This product drives faster mortgages through simplified documentation.
  • The borrower provides personal financial information by connecting with Turbotax, Equifax, employers, financial institutions, etc.
  • Closing is done with esign.
  • Easy, nimble mortgage lending. 


  • This robo-advisor targets the mass affluent and emerging affluent women.
  • The goal is to address a disconnect between women and the companies that offer financial advice.
  • The system provides holistic financial management with a Myers-Briggs type of approach.
  • Users take a quiz on their financial habits, preferences, and behaviors.
  • It’s an interesting attempt to help women with their finances.


  • This mobile banking platform is used in Europe and is just now moving into the U.S.
  • A telling statistic: 71% of millennials would rather go to the dentist than apply for a loan.
  • Rather than using a credit score for loans, the system analyzes the sustainability of the user.
  • The result is a seamless mobile experience.


  • Presenters asked the question: What if your CRM helped you and your customers open accounts from any platform?
  • CRMNext allows you to collect documents from customers, autofilling data, so customers have a minimal data entry burden.
  • The CRM allows you to continue to offer products to customers.
  • This should make things a lot easier for everybody across different departments.
  • Anyone on a team can see quickly what the customer has, what they may need, and any offers that can be made.
  • This product supports the concept of the universal banker, who can coordinate all the services.
  • The goal is to enhance the customer journey’s in mobile, online, and in person.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016, 3:30 p.m.

The mood is set for a jam-packed two days. Fintech is booming—still, even though it has been for some time. It’s cool to see how the general population is finally catching on. Public awareness makes it so that what used to be a cool add-on is now a must-have. Here it seems that falling behind is the biggest risk. The need to stay current is crucial.

1550 tickets sold. 72 companies. 2 days. 7 minutes each. Game on.


Demo Session #2, presenting:

Linqto – Otter

  • Disruption creates problems, but also opportunities.
  • Fintech developers are struggling to monetize their products.
  • Financial institutions have lost an entire generation of customers.
  • Linqto links apps to financial institutions. It’s an app store for banks.
  • Banks can brand any fintech app as their own.
  • DEMO: Wallaby makes digital wallets smart – personal shopper real time. Tells you what kind of payment to use; tracks your spending.
  • Cardbase has underlying bonuses.
  • Millennials love it because it makes it easy.
  • Linqto takes the app, does all the background work to make it your own.
  • Banking has become a commoditized industry, instead of building walls let’s build bridges between fintech and financial institutions.


  • Help get the hours back that are spent on inefficient processes.
  • Nymbus provides one easy to use core processing platform.
  • Streamline and automate a lot of workflows.
  • Having one data set means more secure and easier reporting
  • The goal is to modernize and innovate your bank with single sign-on, efficiency and ease of use.
  • The user will only see what they need to see.
  • Navigation provides access to your role at the bank.
  • Not only can they see what they need, but they can become action items.
  • Everything is searchable and accessible since there is only one data set
  • It provides a 360 degree view of customer and a built-in CRM system.
  • Customer documentation is right there; bankers can focus more on the customer, less on the transaction.
  • This helps with compliance.
  • If there is an alert, you cannot perform an action until the alert is acknowledged.

One Visage

  • Offering a 3-D authentication technology.
  • The three challenges are user experience, security, and scalability.
  • Customers who log in with email can use biometric verification.
  • Use smartphone photo function to scan their face and verify identity.

Payment Ninja

  • This demo earned extra style points: They came out as ninjas with nunchucks.
  • Their gimmick is that they’re on a secret mission to help companies process payments free.
  • When Payment Ninja is being used, you can get discounts on the next purchase for a limited time.
  • There’s a 100% guarantee for protection.
  • Transaction reports are generated so you can track purchasing behavior.
  • It’s a free payment solution for businesses.
  • Their mission is to help merchants around the world sell more, pay less and help the global economy.

Student Loan Genius

  • This creates profile to see if there are ways students can save on loans.
  • It pulls all loans from different providers.
  • Then find out which payment program is right.
  • Also displayed are the pros/cons of different payment plans; the effect now and down the road.
  • Shows how much you might save now and later, and how much faster you might pay the loan.
  • 50 million people have loans.
  • Debt prevents saving for retirement.
  • The company says that it is leading the charge to give people, life, liberty and freedom from student loan debt.


  • Moven touts itself as the first mobile downloadable bank account.
  • It offers real time data and analytics to help improve habits.
  • It provides spending insights.
  • See breakdown of categories, insights into spending and you can see how you’re tracking through month.
  • It offers predictive analytics so you can see where you stand.
  • The goal is to empower people to live their lives the way they want by being able to make better decisions.


  • This is a merchants’ point of sales (POS) system.
  • Virtualize all the hardware and move the checkout system into the cloud.
  • What is the checkout experience? Payments, loyalty, offers, rewards, awards, etc.
  • It ties all payment types you’ve used at the store, how many loyalty points, different offers and discounts.
  • The merchant can drive consumer to what they want by incentivizing more.
  • Merchant knows sees customer behavior.
  • Digitalize coupons. Slightly next level.


  • Advanced pricing tools for banks.
  • Ramp up deposit growth by making complex modeling and forecasting easy.
  • Earnix creates risk and profitability models.
  • See what you need to do based on what your competitors are doing.
  • Run a what-if with different decisions so you can find the balance.
  • It provides portfolio views or just individual views.
  • Provides real time portfolio optimization without code.
  • Recommends the best strategy.
  • Compliance and regulators love this because everything is transparent.
  • Software solutions to make the most of data & analytics.


  • This helps people manage their financial lives with ease.
  • Gameday app allows you to prepurchase things.
  • When you when you pull up, you have your parking pass.
  • When you walk in, you have your ticket.
  • Gameday tells you food options, and gives you offers, makes it so you don’t have to wait in line—just pick up your purchase.
  • The app breaks down line items, gives you break down of the product, tells you where else you can get it.


  • This concierge app looks like a generic banking app but it’s not.
  • Provide customers with an individualized experience.
  • Get to know the consumer then customize, using your data.
  • On the backend, you can customize a rule what data you want to know with a rule repository.
  • Financial service providers start to learn about the customers.
  • Everything is coded with logics so you can react.
  • You can target to only a specific group of users and figure out what they do.

Demo Session #1, presenting:

Payment Data Systems – Akimbo Now

  • Send mass gift cards.
  • Contactless payment.
  • Eliminate the need for plastic. Delivery of cards via text message or email or mail. Digital cards can be used within minutes of being received. Delivery of payment cards is more exciting than the card itself.
  • Bank – the platform can power your bank.
  • Businesses can set automated rewards—send a virtual card to consumer as a reward.
  • Click on link, add name and address, create a password, so you can access the card online at a later time.
  • A card number can be used for online purchases, can also be added to Apple Pay to tap and pay.
  • No need to stuff another card in the wallet.
  • This adds a new dimension to mobile banks.
  • The goal is to provide for lower cost and better customer experience.

Finova Financial

  • 50% of Americans can’t come up with $400 in case of an emergency.
  • Some go to get title loans. The average person pays only interest 8 times.
  • Finova allows consumers to unlock the cash in their cars by providing title lending online.
  • Enter your car info and see the % likelihood of getting a loan.
  • Fill out the forms online: enter job, references, etc.
  • Upload pictures.
  • Under the old model you would have to go to the loan store, spend hours filling out the forms, and then possibly not even get the loan.
  • Finova collects a lot of data on consumers, and knows exactly where people are. Mechanics send referrals.


  • This provides a bridge between banks and their phone service.
  • It’s a digital engagement solution.
  • Turn the customer journey into a digital journey.
  • People still call their banks, even if they are using mobile banking.
  • When a customer calls, they are instructed to look at the screen and see some basic info.
  • The system basically walks customers through the mobile banking.
  • While on the phone, customers can do all functions they could do on mobile banking. 


  • This mobile app allows investors to build a global startup investment portfolio.
  • There are 100 companies and 6 exits.
  • Investors each have their own profile so they can find out all about the team behind the product, the product, other related media.
  • It provides the tools for investors to make the decision on whether to invest.
  • Investors are able to hear from the people—the OurCrowd team, the creators, or the people.
  • Users can invite trusted contacts in for their take on potential investments.
  • This is a mobile dealroom.
  • Investors can vote thumbs up or down.


  • $4.5 trillion is spent offline.
  • An average of 11 hours a day is spent online.
  • Empyr connects consumers online to offline businesses.
  • Fintech+adtech = 020 commerce.
  • They seek to solve the online-to-offline equation with a card-linked platform that generates new revenue for websites and apps while rewarding their users with cash back at local merchants.
  • The card needs to be linked to an app. This makes for one extra step the first time you are there.
  • Then when there’s an offer, use your card get the offer.
  • It’s a frictionless way to drive consumers to offline businesses.
  • “Eat, swipe, earn.”
  • They are partnered with Visa, Mastercard, Amex.
  • They partner with people who have relationships with merchants, who advertise online and only pay for sale.
  • The platform itself is free.
  • Microsoft uses platform with a loyalty program. Earn credits toward all types of products.
  • Some banks – already have the card linked up


  • They tout themselves as the world’s first single-stock expert-based algo-driven robo advisor for financial institutions.
  • Users can create their expert investment team.
  • Digital research analysts scan 69000+ stocks from all over the world.
  • The research and analytics is done for you, and you can create portfolios.

Kofax from Lexmark

  • Financial institutions have been fined $10 billion dollars since 2013.
  • “Knowing your customer” sounds simple, but it’s an arduous manual task fraught with error and open to compliance.
  • Kofax optimizes and automates the process.
  • It takes a one-time setup to create the robot to automate authentication and customer onboarding.
  • Look at it as a combination of robot and employee
  • When it’s a human there is more room for error; the robot retrieves the results and extracts what is needed.
  • Instead of employees keying in data, they can move to higher level tasks.
  • The system compares the data entered via ID then the robot searches databases to confirm, and flags any discrepancies.


  • The financial industry has a tough time when customers want to work online or from an app.
  • Customers now choose how they interact with the bank and how they perform transactions.
  • Qumram enables banks to automatically save online customer interactions.
  • Channels are automatically saved.
  • Can search by channel, by person.
  • Cross channel behavior is common; no one uses just one.
  • Every digital channel interaction is recorded.
  • Banks can see the step-by-step customer journey like a movie.
  • Until now compliance has been a barrier for financial institutions.
  • Qumram has removed this barrier since transactions are now all recorded.
  • Compliance officers can now see indisputable proof of what happened over digital channels.
  • It provides an audit trail to prove what is going on within organization at all times.


  • This customizable bot provides a personal intelligent assistance solution, with an out of the box option.
  • It can provide fraud alerts, or let you know if you could be earning more rewards.
  • The bot engages in conversation and builds the relationship.
  • Drive an engaging experience with the bot, which can learn the users behavior.

Grace Dinn is a marketer in ABA’s Professional Development Group. Email: mailto:[email protected]. Twitter.

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