‘Take Your Lawmaker to Work Week’ Kicks Off Today

Today marks the start of Take Your Lawmaker to Work Week, when bankers host members of Congress in their banks. To date, more than 100 bankers have registered to host visits and nearly 200 members of Congress have been invited to a local bank.

While several visits will take place this week, bankers are encouraged to invite their lawmakers in whenever they are home during the fall legislative session. The visits provide opportunities for lawmakers to see in person how banks operate, how regulations affect banks in real life and the roles banks play in their communities.

ABA will cap off the week on Friday with a “tweetup” for bankers to promote legislative action on regulatory relief and share pictures from their bank visits. At 10 a.m. EDT and 1 p.m. EDT, Twitter users are encouraged to tweet their lawmakers and include the hashtag #BankOnCongress2015.