Keating Details ABA Regulatory Policy Wins

ABA President and CEO Frank Keating wrote to bank CEOs today to update them on ABA’s pursuit of improved policies from regulatory agencies. “ABA and the state associations have been working this side of reg relief to good effect, winning improvements in current rules and proposing new approaches to bank oversight,” he said.

Keating specifically cited the TRID delay, the rollback of Operation Choke Point and tweaks to the Dodd-Frank Act stress tests. He also pointed to recent efforts to provide relief from Basel III calculations for highly capitalized banks and persuade regulators to clarify fair lending guidance following the Supreme Court’s disparate impact decision.

“We have more policy expertise in house and among our member bankers than ever before,” he wrote. “At a time when agencies not typically associated with banking, like the Education and Labor departments and even municipalities, are seeking to regulate banks, we need maximum manpower and the brightest intellectual capital in order to effectively advocate on your behalf.”