FEAI Ads Tell Congress: ‘Untie the Hands of Bankers’

To help build momentum for regulatory relief this fall with key members of Congress, the Financial Education and Advocacy Initiative is running radio and print ads this week in Indiana, Montana, North Dakota and Virginia. FEAI is the 501(c)(4) nonprofit created by ABA to help strengthen the banking industry’s voice in Washington and funded by donations from bankers across the country.

“Is the American dream still alive in Montana?” asks the ad that will run in the Billings Gazette. The ad tells the story of a newly minted graduate in Bozeman who wanted a $16,000 loan to buy a mobile home for his young family. “The banker wanted to make that loan, but arbitrary regulations from Washington, D.C. tied his hands. Tell Congress to untie the hands of America’s hometown bankers.”

The ads tell real-life stories of how excessive regulatory burdens on banks have prevented ordinary Americans from accessing financial products and services for which they would otherwise qualify.