U.S. Banks Added $48.9 billion in Loans in June

Commercial banks added $48.9 billion in loans and leases in June according to the Federal Reserve’s H.8 statistical release, an increase of 0.6 percent. Total loans and leases increased $25.4 billion (0.3 percent) in May. Total bank assets for commercial banks fell for the second month in a row, declining $16.4 billion (0.1 percent) to $15.33 trillion, but remains 4.6 percent higher than in June of 2014.

Total deposits increased $45.4 billion (.04 percent) to $10.75 trillion, virtually the same as May’s increase.

On the year, commercial and Industrial loans grew $14.6 billion (12.4 percent), real estate loans grew $19.1 billion (4.0 percent) and consumer loans grew $5.2 billion (4.3 percent).

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