FS-ISAC to Partner with Retail Info-Sharing Center

The Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center today announced a strategic partnership with the recently formed Retail Cyber Information Sharing Center, an entity designed to improve retailers’ capabilities to track cyber threats and prevent and mitigate data breaches.

Under the agreement, FS-ISAC will provide strategic guidance to R-CISC, establish and manage a separate information-sharing portal for R-CISC members and dedicate operational staff to processing information for retailers. FS-ISAC said that information shared within each ISAC will never be commingled, although some “appropriate, non-attributed threat indicators” may be shared from one to the other. Retailers will also gain access to Soltra Edge, a free cyber threat information-sharing software platform currently used by financial institutions.

“Stopping data breaches requires all participants in transactions to meet the same data protection standards,” said ABA SVP Doug Johnson. “We fully support this initiative as a continuation of our efforts to raise the security of other sectors to the already high levels in place within the banking industry.” ABA serves on the FS-ISAC board and has been instrumental in driving commercial bank membership to more than 60 percent of U.S. banks.