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ABA Expresses Concern about Using Alternative Data for Credit Scoring

Banks are generally open to the idea of using alternative data sources -- such as mobile phone bills and rent payments -- to help consumers establish a credit history, but concerns about compliance, data integrity and other risks stand in the way, ABA said today in a comment letter to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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Supreme Court Sends Miami Fair Housing Case Back for Rehearing

While holding that cities may sue lenders under the Fair Housing Act, alleging reduced property tax revenues due to predatory lending, the Supreme Court today found that the lower court should have used a more stringent test to determine whether the city of Miami was entitled compensation for its losses.

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ABA Seeks Fairness in Fair Lending Enforcement

As part of the banking industry’s continuing response to President Trump’s executive order outlining “core principles” for financial regulation, ABA today urged federal regulators and law enforcement to reign in disparate impact and redlining investigations that go beyond the law and Supreme Court precedent.

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