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CFPB: Campus Credit Cards Continue Decline

Credit cards offered in conjunction with colleges, universities and affiliated organizations have continued to decline since the CARD Act was enacted in 2009, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said in a report today.

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Visa: EMV-Enabled Merchants Seeing Just Half of Previous Fraud

A year after the liability shift for card fraud based on readiness for chip card or EMV capability, merchants that had completed the transition to chip card terminals saw 47 percent less counterfeit fraud in May versus a year earlier, according to figures released today by Visa.

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Survey: Despite Card Fraud, Consumers Satisfied with Resolution

While nearly half of U.S. consumers believe they will experience credit or debit card fraud in the next five years -- and 42 percent have personally experienced it -- victims of fraud are universally satisfied with the way their bank resolved the situation, according to a recent survey.

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