High-return on investment (ROI) marketing campaigns driving revenue with customer data


Generating revenue is the end goal of bank marketing campaigns, but sometimes the ROI just doesn’t measure up. This is especially true if a financial institution is not activating all the data available. Traditional methods like direct mail, radio and TV can take an inordinate amount of time to set up and are difficult — or nearly impossible — to attribute any type of return.

What if you could generate revenue with a marketing campaign that takes just minutes to set up and delivers measurable return just as quickly? Super power campaigns using insights derived from the transaction data of account holders already within the institution’s ecosystem may be the answer.

Shining a spotlight into financial activity can illuminate a targeted audience, allowing for revenue-driving marketing campaigns that are relevant and hyper-personalized.

Alkami recently analyzed thousands of marketing campaigns from bank clients who developed targeted campaigns with insights derived from transaction data. These financial institutions were able to yield significant ROI and transform their marketing strategy using analytics to reach out to their account holders with relevant, timely offers on the channels that drive the most engagement.

Before we get into the campaign details, we need to explain what a KLI is…
A KLI, or Key Lifestyle Indicator, is a data tag derived from transaction data that describes account holders’ financial behaviors. Because they are created from account holders’ everyday spend data, KLIs provide a clear picture of who your account holders are and what’s important to them. KLIs can be used to: deliver hyper-personalized marketing, optimize the AI modeling process with speed and accuracy, uncover where money is leaving the institutions and going to competitors, and aid in defining business and product strategies.

Snapshots of two of the most successful campaigns

5,859x ROI
A short-term campaign aimed at increasing mortgage originations
About the institution: $16B bank, located in the Eastern U.S.
Channel used: Direct mail
Audience size: 381,366
Audience KLIs: Consumer accounts with deposit accounts, excluding those who already had mortgages with this institution, and consumers with home equity loans.
Campaign duration: February – May 2022
Mortgages sold: 346
Face value of the new mortgages: $173M

A year-round campaign promoting the opening of new personal checking accounts
About the institution: $2B bank, located in the Midwest
Channels used: Online banking, mobile banking, public site
Impressions served: 42,403
Campaign duration: September 2021 – Present
Audience KLIs: Account holders with a consumer account, competitive checking account, or consumers shopping for a checking product.
Campaign artwork features: The headline “Ready to Open a Checking Account Online?” and the photography showed a busy male professional with a tablet device, or a busy mother with a laptop.
Checking accounts opened: 759
Face value of the newly opened accounts: $81M

The wise use of insights derived from transaction data was the key to success for all of these institutions, along with a platform that encompasses end-to-end reporting and ROI measurement.

It’s clear that the days of throwing marketing at the proverbial wall to see what sticks are over. Now, it’s about knowing the wants and needs of your account holders and activating data insights and analytics to provide relevant offers at just the right time.

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