Poll finds women increasingly concerned about financial health

An increasing number of women see financial wellness as a top priority although they remain less likely than men to seek out professional advice, according to a recent survey by the women’s investment platform Ellevest. The company surveyed 2,500 U.S. adults about their financial habits and found that 42% of female respondents listed financial wellness as critical, up from 14% in a similar survey last year. At the same time, 70% of women said they’ve never met with a financial adviser, compared to 41% of men.

More than two-thirds of women surveyed said they have trimmed spending. Forty-three percent of women said they actively worry about money at least once a day, with 59% saying they worry at least once a week, compared to 36% and 55% of men, respectively. Still, three out of four women have continued their contributions to their retirement funds despite recent market volatility, compared to just two out of three men.