Corporate Lending in the Americas: the Journey to 2025


In the Americas and globally, corporate banking is facing a period of radical change. Even before the onset of COVID-19, corporate banks were rethinking both how they position themselves and deliver their services as technological advances opened opportunities to meet clients’ needs in a faster, more flexible and more agile way.

Now the pandemic has redoubled the momentum of the migration toward digital by boosting take‑up of remote digital services and interaction methods in a more socially distanced world. At the same time, corporate banks’ vital role in helping to rebuild national and global economies post COVID-19 has heightened the need for them to fully understand the pivotal role that digital can play in supporting them and their clients.

Together, these trends are intensifying the pressure for corporate banks to translate all the talk about digitalization of services—including in corporate lending—into positive action and client offerings.

Against this shifting background, the way corporate banks operate and position themselves in the marketplace can be categorized into three core models, or pillars. All of these can be integrated simultaneously into a bank’s operations to some degree—but most banks generally gravitate toward an emphasis on one of the three. They are:

  • Product provider – Providing high-volume and low‑margin products
  • Relationship builder – Establishing wider banking relationships with clients
  • Platform player – Utilizing platforms to realize market opportunities

In late 2020, Finastra conducted a global research study looking at how corporate lenders are currently positioned in relation to these three pillars and how they expect to be positioned in 2025.

The findings reveal a concerted shift among banks in the Americas away from operating as traditional relationship builders, toward being platform players increasingly driven and enabled by digital technology. While the platform player model is also gaining ground in other regions, it’s in the Americas that the move toward it is most prevalent.

Download the research report to discover:

  • The strategic roadmap and the shift towards platforms
  • Meeting changing client demands
  • Driving digital transformation
  • Overcoming obstacles and concerns
  • Tools and functionalities for the future

Learn more about the everchanging corporate lending market and the journey to 2025 in Finastra’s research report. Download it here.